A pergola is an outdoor structure that adds character, charm bea, duty, and functionality to any outdoor space. You can always consider adding this structure to your property whether you have a small outdoor or ample space. However, creating an inviting pergola becomes an issue for people with smaller spaces. Most people cannot select a pergola design suitable for their small spaces. Fortunately, if you plan to add a pergola design in Adelaide, this article will help you explore tips to help you choose pergola design ideas suitable for your small space.

The following are practical tips that will help you in selecting the best pergolas design for your small space;


  • Asses you space

Before diving into any pergola design idealism, you must look at the small outdoor space on your property. This will help you assess the dimensions and layout and determine any limitations you may face. Also consider landscaping features, available square footage and any architectural constraints that could affect your pergola design.


  • Consider the size and scale of the pergola

When you have small space available outdoors, you need to select the pergola whose size and scale will complement the proportions of your property. To have the best pergola, choose the pergola design that is proportional to the space available but still allows apparent movement and airflow. Also, ensure the pergola serves its purpose without overwhelming the available outdoor space.


  • Focus on the vertical space

When you have limited space outdoors, you should always maximise the vertical space. In simple terms, choose the pergola design that creates an illusion of height and depth in the available small spaces. Therefore, your pergola should use tall posts or lattice panels to draw the eye upwards, creating a sense and feeling of openness. The vertical elements you use on your pergola can also support the climbing plants, thereby adding beauty and privacy to your pergola.


  • Embrace minimalist design

It would help if you did not simultaneously incorporate so many design ideas when you have small spaces on your property. Instead, it would help to consider embracing the minimalist design characterised by clean lines, understated elegance and simple structures. Also, consider using sleek materials like steel, vinyl and aluminium that enhance visual appeal without overwhelming the space.


  • Think about adjustable features

Though you have a small space in your property, make sure you maximise the available space. You can do this by incorporating adjustable features that offer flexibility and versatility. These features include retractable awnings, sliding panels, and folding screens, which you can quickly close and open depending on the weather conditions and your privacy preferences.


  • Add built-in storage

Since you already have an issue of limited space, do not add another issue by building storage areas outside the pergola. Instead, choose a design that allows you to have inbuilt storage in the pergola. For instance, you can have benches with hidden storage compartments, shelves for displaying decorations, and overhead racks for lanterns and hanging plants. Though the built-in storage will help you maximise space efficiently, it will also add practical functionality and reduce clutter in outdoor spaces.

The fact that you have less space outdoors does not mean that you cannot have a pergola in Adelaide. Instead, you just have to select the pergola design that allows you to add this structure to your property without overwhelming the available space.

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